Cobalt Raq

Resources for your Cobalt Raq Servers

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Automation Automation ( 9 )
Scripts and add-on software to automate services for Cobalt Raqs. Automatic sign-ups, backup and other useful Raq management tools.

Blue Quartz Blue Quartz ( 6 )
Blue Quartz is the open source version of the Cobalt GUI.

Cobalt Raq Parts Cobalt Raq Parts ( 8 )
Vendors of new and used Cobalt Raq equipment and parts. Great resource for finding those raq fans, motherboads, RAM and other parts.

Consultants - System Admins Consultants - System Admins ( 9 )
Consulting services and individual contractors providing services for the Cobalt Raq platform.

Dedicated Servers Dedicated Servers ( 21 )
Listing of companies providing cobalt raq servers, including Raq 3, Raq 4, Raq XTR, and Raq 550.

Discussion Forums Discussion Forums ( 8 )
Discussion forums with a major Raq section or completely dedicated to the cobalt raq.

Official Cobalt Raq Resources Official Cobalt Raq Resources ( 29 )
Links to cobalt resources at

PKG Files: Raq 3 PKG Files: Raq 3 ( 14 )
Packages for cobalt Raq 3 servers.

PKG Files: Raq 4 PKG Files: Raq 4 pick ( 39 )
Packages for the Raq 4. Including, webalizer, sendmail, webmail solutions, security and many others.

PKG Files: Raq 550 PKG Files: Raq 550 ( 4 )
Package (PKG) files for the Raq 550.

PKG FIles: Raq XTR PKG FIles: Raq XTR ( 0 )
Cobalr Raq XTR PKG files.

Scripts and Add-ons Scripts and Add-ons ( 11 )
Useful scripts and add-ons for your raq. Add functionality and easy of use with these Cobalt Raq scripts. Scripts avaialable for Raq 4, Raq XTR, Raq 550 and other cobalt products.

Security and Server Products Security and Server Products ( 18 )
Security and Server products for the Cobalt Raq line of servers. Software, SSL and other third party products to better secure your server.

Sun Patches: Raq 3 Sun Patches: Raq 3 ( 50 )
Official updates from Sun for the Cobalt Raq 4

Sun Patches: Raq 4 Sun Patches: Raq 4 ( 54 )
Official updates from Sun for the Cobalt Raq 4

Sun Patches: Raq 550 Sun Patches: Raq 550 ( 54 )
Official patches from sun for the Cobalt Raq 550.

Sun Patches: Raq XTR Sun Patches: Raq XTR ( 28 )
Official updates from Sun for the Cobalt Raq XTR

Support Desk Solutions Support Desk Solutions ( 5 )
Support desks that are compatiable with cobalt raq servers. Includes stand-alone and fully integrated solutions.

Tutorials and How-Tos Tutorials and How-Tos ( 7 )
Sites with tutorial and how-to information relating to Cobalt Raq server appliances..

Virtual Hosting Virtual Hosting ( 8 )
Listing of companies offering virtual hosting accounts using Cobalt Raq servers.

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